The WRN is a powerful force, comprised of every female dealer and department manager in GM’s retail network.

Together, they are working to earn customers for life.


Women’s Retail Initiative (WRI) forms; Women-owned dealerships: 2.6% of total U.S. GM population


First woman named to National Dealer Council; WRI Spirit of Leadership newsletter launches; Women’s Dealer Advisory Council forms; First WRI dealer meeting held in Dallas, Texas, with Athena Foundation


First dealer appointed through WRI Candidate Program: Caren Myers, San Juan Capistrano, CA


First female-exclusive ADP 20 Group forms


Reclamation of inactive WRI dealers


GM women-owned dealerships reach all-time high of 276


WRI renamed to Women’s Retail Network (WRN)


Drive to Succeed Scholarship Program launches; WRN LINK newsletter launches


GM Canada, LTD, joins WRN; WRN celebrates 10th anniversary; First Drive to Succeed Scholarship awarded


Women-owned dealerships: 4.5% of total U.S. GM population; Scholarship program expands to female dealership employees


Female-exclusive NADA 20 Group forms


First female Service & Parts Forum launches; WRN partners with GM WOMEN in the field


GM-OPEL, Germany, joins WRN


Women-owned dealerships: 5.5% of total U.S. GM population; Second female-exclusive NADA 20 Group forms

They work around the globe. They collaborate. They create change. This is the power of the women of GM Women’s Retail Network (WRN) — a global network of GM women in automotive retail. Our goal? To increase the presence of females in all GM dealership positions and change the face of automotive retail. We launched the WRN in 2001 to recognize, promote and tap into the power and influence of women — both as consumers and as a presence in GM’s dealer network. The WRN is the first — and remains the only — original equipment manufacturer with a women dealer program. Today, we serve as a resource for women working in all dealership disciplines and as an advocate for women, whether they’re selling GM vehicles or buying them.

WRN operates in the U.S., Canada and Germany. Through WRN, GM and its dealers work to actively recruit, train and place women as dealers and in all service, sales and management careers. This includes providing an annual scholarship for women pursuing degrees in accredited automotive business and technology programs.


  • Make GM the car company of choice for female consumers
  • Provide education and training for female dealers and employees
  • Make the retail environment more inclusive for women consumers and employees