Leadership Message

WRN remains committed to changing the face of automotive retail by focusing on profitability, growth and retention for our dealers.

Celeste D. Briggs

Director —Women's Retail Network & Diverse Dealer Programs

Dealerships that welcome and invest in women have the opportunity to create a strategic advantage. Together, women are creating a positive change in our industry that’s being felt around the world.

Since our very first WRN meeting more than 15 years ago, our network has evolved in a number of ways. But our business priorities remain constant. WRN is fully dedicated to elevating the profitability, growth and retention for our dealers. Since our start, we’ve developed new tools and training that give all GM women in automotive retail the power to succeed and reach their true potential.

Successful WRN members have a unique power to attract more women into the ranks of automotive retail, and to draw more female customers into dealerships. Success breeds success. And so our mission remains constant.

The numbers tell the story. The face of automotive really is changing to reflect the communities in which we work and live. This allows us to better serve our customers and enables our businesses to grow.

The WRN will continue to provide the building blocks necessary to nurture talent and improve dealer operations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond. It starts with offering scholarships to women pursuing degrees in automotive retail and extends to every facet of our business to succession planning, where the cycle continues.

The WRN is a powerful force. Join us in our quest to better serve our industry, our customers and the communities we call home.

WRN remains the only OEM/dealer partnership to grow female participation in the automotive retail experience—for dealers, employees and customers.

Marianne Ballas

Chairperson, Women’s Dealer Advisory Council (WDAC)

For 16 years, the visionary businesswomen of the WRN have set us on a course to change automotive retail as we know it. Yes, that means more females working in GM dealerships. But it means so much more.

Women are contributing to sales, service, marketing, management and business development in significant and measurable ways. We’re developing tools and techniques that improve the customer experience across the board — for men and women. Our dealerships are closing the profitability gap. We’re attracting more female buyers. And our numbers are growing. More women are working in automotive retail than ever before. New doors are opening throughout the retail world thanks to our members and GM support.

I am an active customer of WRN’s services. As a dealer, I can attest that all of its resources help my business run better. Not only does it train, connect, nurture and empower women, but it increases our influence throughout the automotive industry.

I’m proud to be a member of the WRN, and getting involved is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I encourage you to join me.