Fixed & Variable Operations

The Women’s Retail Network is the only organization that has developed a support system exclusively for women in automotive retail service positions. We are dedicated to developing tools for dealerships to exploit every opportunity in both variable & fixed operations. By becoming involved in WRN you are guaranteed to develop meaningful relationships with other women working in automotive retail that will help grow your business knowledge and personal development.

Our goal is to increase the number of women in all aspects of service and sales, as well as help service professionals run more profitable operations.

Understanding Value

Why are Fixed/Variable Ops Important?

This department is the key to customer retention and provides a dealer’s most significant potential for growth. Because customers have so many options for auto service, improving the service lane is a critical element in any successful business plan, and you must use innovative tools and techniques to get customers coming in and coming back.

Did You Know…


Average Profit from New Cars


Average Profit from Used Cars


Average Profit from Parts


Total Profit that Depends on F.O.


Average Profit from Service


What resources does WRN provide to help improve Fixed/Variable Operations?
Annual Face-to-Face Meetings

These sessions cover a variety of Fixed and Variable Ops topics designed to help improve your dealership.

Quarterly WebEx Training Sessions

These sessions provide a variety of Variable & Fixed Ops topics that focused on improving dealership operations. 

Exposure to Profit Opportunities of Service Leads

A business imperative that can drive high customer retention and revenue.

Exposure to Inventory Balancing

A competitive asset that keeps dealers current on their sales performance and product availability against other dealers in a selected area.

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