Here’s how Christa Luna, WDAC Southeast region, is helping find qualified candidates for the WRN Scholarship program. Luna, owner of Gilbert Chevrolet in Florida, works very closely with Okeechobee High School’s Automotive Vocational Program. There, she meets deserving graduates interested in attending the Indian River State College Automotive Tech Program. She’s been doing this for awhile—it’s her family’s way to support young graduates, and help foster a love, appreciation and respect for the automotive industry. For years Luna has been offering a scholarship that includes tuition assistance and the opportunity to work at her dealership while attending college. She holds recipients to the strictest standards, both academically and on the job. Following graduation, the hardworking student is offered full-time employment as a certified automotive technician at Gilbert Chevrolet. Luna enjoys a great deal of positive publicity from her community stemming from her work with students. In addition, she says the program is a great way to staff her dealership with highly qualified and vetted employees. In 2016, Luna created the Gilbert Chevrolet WRN Drive to Succeed Scholarship program, in partnership with the WRN national campaign. She was one of the first nine dealers/dealer groups to offer the Named Dealership Scholarship last year.

Connect with local academic and vocational networks to drive enrollment of qualified, diverse and enthusiastic candidates.