To promote last year’s WRN Drive to Succeed Scholarship program, Mary Nurse emailed a local high school administrator. The exchange went something like this:

Nurse: “Hello, I’m Mary Nurse, Dealer Principal, Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac in Whitby, Ontario. I’m interested to know how the school responds to student inquiries about the retail automotive sector.”

High School: “What’s the retail automotive sector?”

The administrator’s reply confirmed something Nurse had long believed—careers in dealerships, especially for women, are not top of mind for young people.

So it’s our job to start spreading the news with media, educators, women’s groups and civic organizations about the great opportunities that exist for women in retail automotive. That includes participating in career fairs, meeting with guidance councilors, hosting a career night at your dealership and talking with anyone that helps students make post-secondary career choices.

“Women pursuing careers in automotive retail are rare,” said GM WRN Director Celeste Briggs. “Our job as successful professionals is to encourage more young women to join our ranks. Our future success is dependent upon growing a diverse workforce that reflects female buyers.”

There are many tools to help you create awareness of the WRN Drive to Succeed Scholarship program and the exciting field of retail automotive