WDAC Roles, Responsibilities & Eligibility for Nomination

Roles and Responsibilities

A dealer representative’s role is not only to participate in WDAC meetings, but also to act as an advocate for GM women dealers, managers and candidates consistent with the WDAC charter, while promoting communication between dealers, managers, candidates and GM.

WDAC Elected Representative Regional Responsibilities:

  • Communicate to WRN dealer constituents in your region
  • Support annual Dealer Development Business Meeting
  • Lead WDAC regional WebEx meetings
  • Promote Drive to Succeed Scholarship activity

Eligibility for Nomination

A dealer who meets the minimum one-year requirement has the opportunity to self-nominate.

Current term: January 1, 2019 thru December 31, 2021

  • Dealer must be active in the daily operation of the dealership(s).
  • Dealer must be a GM dealer for a minimum of one (1) year at the time of nomination for election.
  • Dealer must be named on Paragraph THIRD of the GM Dealer Sales and Service Agreement.
  • The Region and GM Dealer Development will confirm there are no legal concerns pending that would impact the dealer nomination. Regional input will be considered in the nomination process.
  • A dealer should carefully consider ALL of the following before self-nominating:
    • Attend in-person half of the face-to-face meetings in a calendar year (3-F2F meetings per year)
    • Participate in two-thirds of the scheduled teleconferences in each calendar year of the term (approx. 8 calls)
    • Willingness to represent the region
    • Willingness to articulate all GM women dealers, managers and candidate concerns
    • Willingness to meet the minimum meeting attendance participation requirements