20 Group

Share ideas. Share inspiration. Boost profits.

Share ideas. Share inspiration. Boost profits.

Dealerships that participate in 20 Groups make 30 percent more money than those that don’t.

It’s that simple. 20=30.

For dealers that are serious about success, 20 Groups are essential.

To be successful, you must surround yourself with successful people in your industry. It’s crucial to communicate with other business owners who are willing to share ideas on best business practices in their daily operations. That’s the idea behind the WRN 20 Groups.

WRN currently has three 20 groups. Space is limited, and enrollment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


What are WRN 20 Groups?

WRN 20 Groups are comprised of up to 20 non-competing GM primarily women dealers (the dealer operator or executive manager). The groups are designed to impact your business in a positive way, improving business performance through peer interaction. As a WRN member, you are eligible to participate.

Participants attend face-to-face meetings three times a year in a setting away from your operation, for one-and-a-half to two days, discussing their businesses in detail. This focused time gives you the opportunity to visit with your peers and analyze your operation, away from the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business. These meetings allow members to fine-tune their operations and bring to light new profit opportunities.

We believe so strongly in the importance of 20 Group participation for WRN dealers, that we will pay the cost of your enrollment and monthly fee for your dealership to participate for one full year.

How the meetings work

WRN 20 Groups are an industry first. Learn more

What do WRN members say about WRN 20 Groups? See videos and read written testimonials

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20 Group enrollment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


WRN 20 Groups
Jacqueline Vessel
Head of GM’s Women’s Retail Network

Betsi Bellamy
Dealership Management Consultant, 20 Group

Nicole Mitchell
Dealer Performance Manager, Dealer Development


How the Meetings Work

How 20 Group Meetings Work:

The off-site, one-and-a-half to two-day meetings are facilitated by a professional 20 Group company (currently NADA) and professional moderator. In addition to this moderator, members also help run the meetings as a chairperson and vice chairperson. Input from all group members helps determine the agenda topics, and members have real-time access to online resources throughout the meeting period.

Group Guidelines:

  • Groups are comprised of non-competing female GM dealers, similar in volume, as determined by NADA and GM
  • Members agree to guidelines regarding financial composite, meeting attendance and general conduct
  • Dealers elect a chairman to oversee the group administration for a one-year term
  • Group determines meeting locations and dates, in conjunction with NADA
  • Group meets in person three times per year (1.5 days); conducts conference calls and private communications between meetings
  • Meetings focus on operational challenges, exchanging ideas, succession planning and sharing best practices

In between the meetings:

The communication with your 20 Group goes far beyond the twice-annual meetings. In fact, each month, you will receive monthly financial composites, which allow side-by-side comparisons of your operation to those of your peers in your group. These composites are excellent management tools for owners and managers alike, allowing a detailed review of your business.

You’ll also have real-time access to monthly group composites and NCM Benchmark reports, so you can measure your financial performance against similar organizations and industry averages.

You’ll have access to a secure Web site and an online e-mail listserv that helps facilitate communication of ideas and experiences within a group, or across all groups. Between meetings you will experience abundant and beneficial e-mail communication between yourself and other members and the NADA facilitator as you work together to share information, ask questions and get answers.

WRN 20 Groups are Industry First - Learn More

WRN 20 Groups: An industry first

In 2013, WRN partnered with NADA 20 Groups and formed an industry first, the GMW1 NADA 20 Group — the industry’s first 20 Group made up entirely of women. GMW1 is comprised of women dealers, executive managers and Next-Gen women from U.S. and Canadian dealerships. This first 20 Group facilitated exclusively for WRN members was held in Chicago. For nearly two full days, 14 dealers participated in sessions focused on improving bottom-line results. Due to its success and growing membership, in 2016 we formed a second group-GMW2, and as of January 2018 – GMW3 was launched. Thirty GM NADA 20 Groups exist today; the WRN groups are the only exclusive female groups in the auto industry.

See Videos and Read Written Testimonials

YouTube 20 Group Highlights


In the 20 Group, you are learning something new based on the experiences of others and on performance metrics. There is no dealership that runs perfectly. There are always opportunities for improvement. If you want to better your dealership in an environment that is conducive to women, a WRN 20 Group is the perfect way to go.
– Mary Nurse, dealer principal, Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac, Ltd., Ontario, Canada


My father was in a 20 Group forever and I took his seat. I faced a difficult dynamic, being a young female and his daughter. My WRN experience was completely different. I was able to relate to everyone. I was among my peers and felt very much at home. The 20 Group facilitator did an excellent job of getting the group engaged. Within the first hour, all the women in my group were warming to each other. They really made us dig into the numbers, and they took the time to help us understand what it all means. I asked the instructor a question before I left on Friday, and I had her answer waiting for me in my inbox when I returned Saturday at noon. It was comforting to be with people in similar situations. I made real connections — both business and personal — that I expect will grow and last long-term. No one felt threatened or competitive toward each other. I really enjoyed the idea session. We created a lot of positive energy and generated some good thoughts.
– Jamie Layne, Victory Layne Chevrolet, Fort Myers, Florida