Leadership Message

Dealerships that welcome and invest in women have the opportunity to create a strategic advantage. Together, women are creating a positive change in our industry that’s being felt around the world.

Since our very first WRN meeting, our network has evolved in a number of ways. But our business priorities remain constant. WRN is fully dedicated to elevating the profitability, growth and retention for our dealers. Since our start, we’ve developed new tools and training that give all GM women in automotive retail the power to succeed and reach their true potential.

Successful WRN members have a unique power to attract more women into the ranks of automotive retail, and to draw more female customers into dealerships. Success breeds success. And so our mission remains constant.

The numbers tell the story. The face of automotive really is changing to reflect the communities in which we work and live. This allows us to better serve our customers and enables our businesses to grow.

The WRN will continue to provide the building blocks necessary to nurture talent and improve dealer operations. It starts with offering scholarships to women pursuing degrees in automotive retail and extends to every facet of our business to succession planning, where the cycle continues.

The WRN is a powerful force. Join us in our quest to better serve our industry, our customers and the communities we call home.